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Is there way to quickly clean up or revert your chroot to its previous new state, without reinstalling or re setting it up, so I could start fresh again?

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The package schroot supports LVM and Btrfs snapshots. From its man page:

Source chroots
Some chroot types, for example LVM snapshots and Btrfs snapshots, provide session-managed copy-on-write snapshots of the chroot. These also provide a source chroot to allow easy access to the filesystem used as a source for snapshotting. These are regular chroots as well, just with the snapshotting disabled. For a chroot named "sid-snapshot" (i.e. with a fully qualified name of "chroot:sid-snapshot"), there will also be a corresponding source chroot named "source:sid-snapshot". Earlier versions of schroot provided source chroots with a '-source' suffix. These are also provided for compatibility. In this example, this would be called "chroot:sid-snapshot-source". These compatibility names will be dropped in a future version, so programs and scripts should switch to using the namespace-qualified names rather than the old suffix.

Otherwise you can look at other copy-on-write filesystems (in short COW), as copyfs, cowdancer.

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