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How do I select which server Ubuntu will get it's software and updates from? I know how to find the list of mirrors on the web, but not how to use them.

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Quite easy:

  • Open the Software Centre

  • Click Edit → Software Sources

  • Find the Download From dropdown and select Other

    enter image description here

  • Choose the server you want:

    enter image description here

If you click Select Best Server, the USC will go through a load of tests to find the server that's fastest in your location. Generally it will be a server close by.

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you can find it's easily in internet by keywords "Ubuntu Repository", Find the nearest place from your home. Sometimes some Ubuntu Community provide a sever to update your application so choose the fastest.

Tips : choose a repository that use same Internet Service Provider (ISP) with your internet connection, cause it will speed up the process of updating and installing programs.

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You should only use the official repositories that the Software Centre lists. Don't use anything you just found on google if it doesn't appear in that list! Also note that the software will find the fastest one for you, which includes it being on the same ISP as you. – Stefano Palazzo Jul 14 '11 at 14:26
it's right, thanks Mr. stefano – Mahmudin Ashar Jul 18 '11 at 14:36

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