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Whenever I plug something into my Front panel Headphone socket, nothing happens. No audio coming out of the head phones, and no mute on the main speakers.

  • System is Running Natty 64-bit
  • Asus P5G43T-M Pro
  • Intel Pentium E5400 / 3 GB Ram
  • Surround (7.1) Coming out of the analogue Rear panel plugs.
  • Custom built - I can confirm that I have wired them correctly as they work in Windows without issue.
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Have you checked the sound devices under Sound Preferences -> Output when the jack is plugged in? I at least need to manually switch it to be active once I plug the jack in my machines front panel.

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On the internal Audio device, there are the various surround configurations of the analogue out put, there is the optical output, and the HDMI Output. Under the output Tab, there is the internal audio, and the audio on my GTS 450, which is not used. The Internal audio is selected. There is no change when I plug in the headphones. – NRoach44 Jul 13 '11 at 8:55

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