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I'm looking for some utility that will copy the contents of my working folder across multiple storages - hdd, external hdd, usb drives etc. I`m not looking for version control software (like cvs or svn), more like replication control on data changed in the folder.

Can you suggest something?

Thanks in advance

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Unison is the tool I've heard most widely recommended to achieve this goal. It is available as a package in the archives, and usually performs quite well. Install with apt-get install unison.

In addition to file/folder synchronisation on a single host, unison can be configured to synchronise files between hosts (clients are available for a wide range of operating systems), which makes it very suitable for heterogenous environments.

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If you have only one source, you should try rsync. It's really fast, works for local, networked and ssh files and is very customizable. Put it into a cronjob and you're set.

I use it for my backups at home. The only special thing I use is a rsync exclude file to omit i.e. browser cache files.

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I'll 2nd cweiske. I use rsync to copy all my files to my home directory on the machines I install various flavors of BSD and Linux on and vice versa. I have it set up, similarly - ignore certain files, include file "x" in folder "y" but delete "z" (especially if doing a backup)

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