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So, I'm doing a backup of my home folder from ElementaryOS (based on Ubuntu 10.10 I think) and got to the point where I wanted to find and save the hidden folder for my passwords... wifi ones and the like.

Well as I couldn't find it I searched around and found the passwords / keys gui in system>preferences.

Everything I need seems to be in there but the option to export is greyed out!

Can I use this gui as sudo to overcome it? or is there something even more simple I'm missing?

If it makes any difference - I have an encrypted system (just the home folder I think)

Thanks for any help - it's the last step in my backup

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The application you are seeing is "Seahorse", which manages the gnome keyring. Its distributor's website tells us:

File Locations Gnome Keyring looks for passwords and encryption keys in the following locations: ~/.gnome2/keyrings: Password keyrings, keys and certificates.

The export option is only available for certificates, not for passwords.

To sum it up: Backup ~/.gnome2/keyrings, and you have your passwords.

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