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I am trying to run some MP4 videos on SMplayer , but the player is only playing the audio, and no video is visible. The same file I open in VLC player is showing video + audio. I like SMPlayer, as its better in usability, therefore looking for the solution of playing MP4 files in it.


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have you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras and w32codecs? – fossfreedom Jul 8 '11 at 9:32
@Daniyal: What are you trying to do? – Fabby Jan 9 '15 at 17:08

For Playing Restricted Formats install ubuntu-restricted-extras

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
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isn't that only for gstremer based apps¿ – xangua Jul 8 '11 at 13:44
nope - all apps that want to play these media files (except VLC, which come with it's own) – Conor Rynne Jul 8 '11 at 14:09

smplayer probably not working because video ID is set to 0.

don't know about other SW, but for me it worked, when I put into ~/.config/smplayer/smplayer.ini

under section [%GEneral] put: (without quotes) "current_video_id=1"

Hope it helps

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Thanks! For what it's worth, this also solved the problem for me with SMPlayer on Windows. – Joseph Sturtevant Aug 23 '13 at 15:03

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