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In Rhythmbox it's possible to disable compression for ReplayGain by unchecking a box in the settings of its ReplayGain plugin. The option is described like the following:

It provides configuration options for [...] enabling or disabling compression in order to prevent clipping.

I wonder if there is such an option in Banshee? I have checked in its menu and glanced under Banshee in the dconf-editor without finding anything.

The reason I'm asking is after reading the following in the ReplayGain specification:

The audiophile user will not want any compression or limiting on the signal. In this case the only option is to automatically and temporarily reduce the pre-amp gain below the user-selected setting for tracks where clipping would otherwise occur.

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I also notice that it's possible to set gain mode ('radio' or 'album') and adjust the pre-amp level in Rhythmbox's ReplayGain plugin. I can find neither of these settings in Banshee. – N.N. Aug 25 '11 at 18:03
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Banshee currently does neither; it doesn't handle clipping at all, merely applying the needed gain. This is somewhat less important given that it also doesn't expose the pre-amp knob so it's much less likely that the audio will clip in the first place.

So, the answer to the question “How do I disable compression for ReplayGain in Banshee” is: you do nothing; there is no compression for ReplayGain in Banshee ☺.

Banshee's ReplayGain support is largely influenced by what I care about and think makes sense from a UI perspective. There are a bunch of knobs that could potentially be exposed, but I don't think make a huge amount of sense, or should be automatic (selection of album versus track gain, for example).

Clipping prevention is something that probably should be implemented, though. At some point ☺.

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