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I've found some bugs in the Juju Documentation that I'd like to fix, but the docs are in some format I've not seen before, how can I contribute?

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Branch the code:

bzr branch lp:juju-core/docs

Go into the docs directory and find the document you want to edit. The files are in Restructured Text format:

cd docs/htmldocs

Make your changes with your favorite text editor, then commit it to your local repository and then push it up to Launchpad.

bzr ci -m'Whatever your changelog will be'
bzr push lp:~jorge/juju-core/foo

Replace "~jorge" with your launchpad username and "foo" with a name that describes a fix, so something like bzr push lp:~jorge/juju-core/fix-typos-in-introduction or something.

Then bzr lp-propose lp:juju-core/docs to propose your fix. That's it!

Checking the Documentation

The files are HTML5, opening in your browser locally will render the page, there is no need to build the docs.

Full documentation is here:

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