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I was trying to install Ubuntu 14 (64-bit) on a Aspire V5-531, preinstalled Win 8. In the bios I can flag:

boot mode UEFI, secure boot DISABLE

  • in this case the neither installation USB card nor cd rom start

boot mode in Legacy Mode

  • I can install Ubuntu 14, but grub doesn't work (yes, I used boot repair, but it doesen't work properly).
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So I resolved in the simplest way:

  • let boot mode UEFI enable, secure boot enable
  • in bios added the USB boot file of the distribution I want to install as trusted for executing:
    • My bios is: Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup
    • under Boot I flag Boot Mode UEFI
    • Secure Boot ENABLE
    • under SECURITY i select: "Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing"
    • in "Available File System" i select fs0:$nameofmyusbkey
    • select [EFI]
    • select [BOOT]
    • select BOOTx64.EFI
    • give it the name "whateveryouwant" then, using tab, select YES.
    • so I go to the Boot option, then put "whateveryouwant" as first in the Boot priority order
    • then I was able to start Ubuntu installation in UEFI mode! :)


before I did all them, I free the space for my partitions under win8, I read so many guide about UEFI and UEFI install (I give advice to do it!), and try in several way. That was the only way I was able to do what I want

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Excellent job. One quick question, why vattelapesca? ^^ – Luis Alvarado Sep 26 '14 at 19:38
tx, that's in my dialect means whateveryouwant, or that no one know the right answer. Maybe it's better to edit that world – feligiotti Sep 27 '14 at 21:35

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