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Could someone tell me how to replace system default localization font? I mean when it time to render my language I want to use specific font instead of the one Ubuntu choice for me.


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From the main GNOME menu go to, System > Preferences > Appearance, and look under the Fonts tab. Or is that not what you mean?

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No it is not, what I want to know is the how Ubuntu choice default font say for Janpan, Lao, Indian etc. – c.sokun Oct 5 '10 at 10:31
I thought it just used the appropriate unicode ranges of the font chosen there, but maybe I don't know enough about localization. – frabjous Oct 5 '10 at 15:33

Ubuntu silently and automatically falls back to different fonts to achieve full Unicode coverage of many languages. The order of those fallbacks are defined in the FontConfig setting files under:

  • /etc/fonts/conf.d

these configuration files (which are just plain text files) contain the default preference ordering for certain scripts and Unicode ranges, depending on what fonts are actually installed.s

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