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I was wondering if it is possible to remember what files are opened in a session of gedit, by gedit itself or its plug-ins, just similar to what session manager of Firefox does? So that next time restarting gedit, I can reopen and continue to work on the files opened in last session.

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There's also a Session Saver plugin to save and restore working sessions.

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Just hit "File" on Gedit's menu. A number of files used previously will appear in the drop-down menu numbered 1, 2, 3...

The Help menu states: "The application records the paths and filenames of the five most recent files that you edited and displays the files as menu items on the File menu. You can also click on the {down arrow} icon on the toolbar to display the list of recent files."

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I'm using gedit 3.14.3, and I don't have a "File" menu anymore. Is this functionality missing from the latest versions of gedit? –  Eyal Apr 30 at 13:58

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