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I'm trying to create a bootable ISO of Ubuntu 11.04 using remastersys's backup option.

Ubuntu's Make Startup Disk utility allows me to create a bootable USB drive with this ISO, but the option for using part of the USB drive to store documents/settings is grayed out.

Not surprisingly, creating the bootable USB drive in this way does not offer persistance (files/settings changes not preserved between reboots).

Does anyone know how I can create a bootable USB drive using this ISO with persistance?

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Use Unetbootin. – Uri Herrera Jul 5 '11 at 15:25

You need a larger usb drive. At some point along the line, Ubuntu started requiring the persistent drive be a minimum of 1gb. If your distro leaves less than 1gb of free space on the usb drive you are using, it will be grayed out.

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I got the same, but I noticed that was because I had deleted all the partitions. In the Startup Disk Creator, if the size option is gray, select the USB key and click on Erase. It will create a partition and the disk space size slider will be enabled.

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