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After removing old and unused kernels from my wife's laptop as per this question: What kernels & packages do I un-install?

I thought I'd do the same on my laptop, since I've been running Ubuntu for years and upgrading to every version (.04 and .10) as I go... Surely I must have a pretty big list of kernels floating around by now.

According to aptitude search ~ilinux-image though, I have just one kernel (in addition to its associated "extra" package), and it's quite an old kernel too (well, in comparison to the wife's computer, at least).

More concerning however, is the fact that linux-image-generic appears to be missing - it's not even listed at all, like on the wife's laptop!

Should I be worried that this package is missing? Is it just sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic to re-install it?

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Could be a duplicate of… or… ? In that case yes, you should install linux-generic (otherwise you are running with old kernels without security patches). Be careful and before deleting the old kernel check that all is working --- should be the case, but you never know, regressions do happen. – Rmano Aug 29 '14 at 12:50

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