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I am using xubuntu 10.04, and I am having issues with the sound. First things just sounded strange, then I figured out that I am actually getting the surround left and surround right sound in my headset. If I change the balance in aumix to either far left or far right, things sound better. I still get sound in both headphones, but only the left or right channel.

If I do speaker-test -c6, it becomes clear that I am missing the center channel.

In /etc/pulse/daemon.conf I have set default-sample-channels = 2

Is there a way for pulseaudio to downmix from surround to stereo for the ouptut?

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In System -> Preferences -> Sound

  • Select Hardware
  • Select your device
  • Choose the profile you want (like Analog stereo output)
  • Select output
  • Check your device
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It's already on analog stereo output. I have no surround options in sound preferences. – Staale Oct 5 '10 at 6:45

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