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Computer Asus 2400 does not turn off or restart in 11.04, and display the wallpaper without anything more and do not respond the turn off button of the computer (the system is configured to start turn off if the power button is quick pressed).

The same thing happens when in terminal i enter a command like shutdown now -h or -r. It works fine in Fedora 15.

I use to log off the section and force turn of the power supply(pressing more than 4 s the power button).

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In most cases can be the sound card that dont want to shutdown, and you need to unload the kernel module, i dont know your sound card but, its all i can tell you right now with provided info, google is your friend... :)

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Per meta discussions, telling people that "Google is your friend" is considered unconstructive and subject to flagging and moderation. Try to not point users to google or lmgtfy. –  Thomas W. Jul 3 '11 at 21:34

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