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I Love Ubuntu. What is the "root" cause of why a FREE, alternative operating system isn't more widely used? I don't mean for this to be a subjective question -- instead I am looking for real, and credible details, ideas, and positions as to what Canonical, and the members of the Ubuntu community can do to increase the popularity of Ubuntu. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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you are better of asking for opinions on ubuntuforums.org; AU is more about a question and 1 'perfect' answer (wich is impossible for your question) –  Rinzwind Jul 3 '11 at 18:45
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Here are my thoughts, and the reasons why it is not used as much as windows and mac.

  • 1- the lack of open source free QUALITY software that could replace the commercial ones people used to use along the years. (gimp-photoshop type...or nvidia drivers -nouveau)

    2-people are not looking for a great O.S as it is, they are looking to get work done.

    3- commercial and closed source companies will not bring their quality software to linux, unless it has a bigger market share, and linux needs these software to grow... so it is stuck.

now what we can do about it? i think everyone can do something...

  • 1- the open source companies and those which support it and the developers of the open source projects must join together, stop arguing and get their efforts over one thing, create QUALITY open source software for linux.and force others to join the game. as OEM 's and others.

    2- the regular user. as we know developers are human, they must eat and raise families... and sometimes they don't get paid their efforts which stops them from doing so . we can contribute a little to them by donating what we can, even if the software is free. we can help spread the linux word to others around us, and to help new users.

    To sum things up, once linux have about 7-10% market share, games will be developed for it, quality software will land from everybody trying to sell it within linux, and it will grow fast by then. but we must understand that nobody will help us to arrive at this point, we must rely on ourselves and on our open source projects, to create a compatible good alternatives to the commercial software,( the people who creates open source software are developers that need economic help from us.)

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