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I am trying to install Lexmark 705pro printer that is wireless. When I go to install the drivers is ask's for admin password. I enter the password that works for installing software and everything else but it says incorrect password. I have no other password on the system. Any suggestions?

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Make sure that caps lock is not on seeing that they are case sensitive! Try not to type it to fast you might be tying the password wrong by getting in a hurry. – freebird Jul 4 '11 at 6:47

Lexmark goofed. You need to run this as root.

  1. Copy the file to your Desktop and open a terminal.
  2. Type cd Desktop Enter to go to the Desktop folder.
  3. Type sudo ./lexm Tab Tab and this should finish the file name for you. Hit and then enter your password when prompted.

If this doesn't work, then you probably aren't in the same directory as the file, or you haven't extracted it yet (if you downloaded it as a tarball).

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