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I develop an app called Unity Mail. A quicklist option «Edit accounts data» needs to restart it.

File /usr/bin/unity-mail:

python /usr/share/unity-mail/ $@

File /usr/share/unity-mail/

(Main python script)

When I try to terminate the script using killall unity-mail, the unity-mail process is killed, but python process is still running, so unity-mail is active.

I tried to put the python script directly to /usr/bin/unity-mail, but calling killall unity-mail in that case says «unity-mail: no process found».

The question:

How should I modify /usr/bin/unity-mail so that killing it will kill python also?

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Could you clarify what a quicklist option is? – geirha Jul 8 '11 at 11:14

No need to change your files.

Just type pkill -f unity-mail to kill both bash script and python process.

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You need to use the PID, from top on Terminal you can see the PIDs, anyways, this is better from programming side, but thats another story

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