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Dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu 12.04 on a Fujitsu laptop

I was attempting to back up my Ubuntu data files only to a WD portable HDD. My previous backup files had disappeared from a straight copy and paste form of backing up. This is pretty common from websites I have visited with all WD "My Passport" drives.

In desperation I did the same copy and paste of the current data files from my laptop to the WD "My Passport". Well the free space on the drive disappeared and the files were transferred but it was not possible in Ubuntu to see them or access them. The reason was I did not have ownership of the files on the WD HDD. (who invented ownership of files? :{ )

Re-booted into Win7 and I could see and access all the files on the WD HDD. I tried to check the WD HDD with win7 disk checker. Left it until morning as it was taking so long.

In the morning I can see the Grub selection menu of which OS I want, Win 7 works and Ubuntu 12.04 (default OS) doesn't. Recovery doesn't work, nor does going back to previous Ubuntu versions in the Grub menu nor their recovery menu options.

So, I have two problems. The first revolves around the WD HDD not allowing me to see the files I have saved and I can eventually find that for sure, somewhere in the Web. The second Problem however, foxes me completely as to why the OS would not be visible or accessible and how to get it back?

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