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As a preface, I am very new to Linux/Ubuntu and very new to working a computer that sometimes requires terminal functions. I loaded Ubuntu as a clean install on a Lenovo Ideapad U510 that would no longer load into Windows 8 and was blue-screening. Ubuntu was working fine for about the first week, but I've had to reinstall three times due to taking multiple tries to actually boot into the operating system and getting a variety of errors. Sometimes it'll load to a black screen with a purple border, sometimes it'll just load into what I believe is GNOME and stay there, and sometimes it'll just stay stuck on a purple screen. I've tried booting into recovery mode several times and that's usually what gets me to actually log in.

It could be the hardware, in which case I can send my laptop in for repairs, but if there's a fix on the OS end, I'd love some help.

The error I had before re-installing the OS was "error: enviroment block too small". I haven't gotten any error messages this round, but it still takes multiple boots for me to install. Ubuntu is the only OS on my system so I'm not dual-booting. I'm really enjoying this system, but this problem is troublesome. Thanks for any help!

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