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I have a netbook which I would like to use with a Linux-based distro. The hard drive has been replaced with a SD to SATA Converter Adapter so that I can run everything off of an SD card similar to a Rasberry Pi. I have had no problem installing {,L,X}ubuntu and Arch{,bang} on the SD card, but after installation and reboot, the OS and partitions disappear except when installing an Arch variant.

Upon investigation, it seems that the superblock(s) become corrupted upon reboot and the partitions becomes unrecoverable in this case. I've tried recovering the partitions using the alternate superblocks with no success.

My question is: what does Arch and Archbang do out of the box that {,L,X}ubuntu don't do that causes this problem and how can I modify {,L,X}ubuntu so that I can safely use them as an OS when booting from an SD card? I suspect that it has something to do with the SD card not being unmounted cleanly on shutdown, but I'm sure how to compare the shutdown procedures.

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