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The alternatives I've seen are privative. They join a classroom-control software with a multimedia-editor software. In the first type, I think Italc ( http://italc.sourceforge.net ) or Epoptes ( http://www.epoptes.org ) could do the job. In the second type, I think a combination of VLC with Audacity could do the job too (am I right??), but there are some features I can't get. For instance, I can see in EasyLab website ( http://www.easylab.es/en/features/features.php ) several features I don't know how to find in the free world:

*The ability to include bookmarks and comments in any part of the audio or video sequence. ---> Which software can do that??

*Wave graphs which allow a visual comparison to be made of the differences in pronunciation between the original ¨master¨ recording track and the student's recording track. ----> Which software can do that???

*Simultaneous translation function. ---> Which software can do that???

*Control over playback speed. ---> Can VLC/Audacity do that????

*Video subtitle function. ----> Well, something like Aegisub, Gnome-subtitle...I would need to investigate

Thanks a lot

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