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first thing I always do on fresh Ubuntu, is enable workspace, download compiz, make workspace wall 4x4 and pin specific programs to specific workspaces. It's great, but not alweys look the way I want. I'm not sure why:

  1. Alias. I open file "change.odt" almost every time I'm doing something. So I did "alias abs="libreoofice path_to_file". Great! It's working! But it's opening in workspace I'm already in, not in workspace I pinned Libre office to.
  2. Run something with options. For example: emacs filename work great, but emacs fullscreen filename (or even without filename) open editor in workspace I'm already in.
  3. Option form other program. I guess it's same problem as 2. I had got some other program (like myunity or daemon? something like that was working... actually not working, so i stopped using this) and I could use "fullscreen" with for example emacs. Never worked fullscreen with fixed workspace.
  4. CCMS fullscreen. Right now I can't find this option (it was deleted? I was sure it was in "windows management") but I could make window open in fullscreen like I can make window open i specific workspace. But again - it didn't work with for example - emacs.
  5. Rhythmbox is not work with CCMS workspace placement. OK, it work now. But it didn't for me in 12.04 so i put it on the list, to have all in one place. And it didn't work without other option. Rhythmbox just doing it on his own way, I was sure he is opening in random workspace.

OK, that's all right now. Anyone know, how to make programs open in specific workspace AND with option I want (fullscreen, smallcreen, black, white, anything) AND via alias?

Thank you for answer.

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