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I have set up Ubuntu 14.04 on hyper-v in Windows 8.1. I also have an external network switch linked to Ethernet. The internet and LAN works fine on my host windows 8.1 PC. But I am not able to use internet on Ubuntu hyper-v, although I am able to use LAN(internal network of my organization) on Ubuntu hyper-v.

Please help me resolving the issue.

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I've read a lot of articles about this issues, and many claim to share the internet connection of the wifi adapter to solve the issue. This did not work in my case. What did work for me, and it should answer your question:

  1. Created an internal virtual switch under Hyper-V.

    1. Open "Hyper V Manager"
    2. Select "Virtual Switch Manager"
    3. Under New Virtual Switch, select "Internal"
    4. Select "Create Virtual Switch"
  2. Shutdown the Ubuntu VM

  3. Add a legacy adapter with the internal virtual switch that was just created in step 1.

  4. Open "Network and Sharing Center"

  5. Select "Change Adapter Settings".

  6. Select your Wifi Adapter and the Virtual Switch you just made, right click menu option "Create Bridge"

  7. Start the Ubuntu VM

  8. Login to Ubuntu

  9. Wait a minute, the connection should connect...

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