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I was running kubuntu 10.10 with ati drivers (11-5). For some problems, i re-installed ati-drivers to install lastest version (11-6) but before install the new driver I reinstalled Fglrx as described here then rebooted. Now when I start my computer it boots up and later show kubuntu progress bar then fade off with random colors and goes black completely.

How can I fix this without needing to reinstall the whole system?

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if you won't be doing any 3D stuff, like games or modeling, you can use the RadeonHD Open source drivers. – Uri Herrera Jul 2 '11 at 17:35

From the author, who placed the answer in his post rather than as a new answer

I booted from a live cd and mounted my linux partion. Then chroot and finally installed ATI drivers. This fixed the problem for me.

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