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When I install Ubuntu by using something else and create the partitions

What should I usually do is select the mount point as root ie /

I wonder what are the other mount options used for and what can is the best option for booting along with the windows 8 and windows 7

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The something else allows you to mount things like /home to other drives/partitions. I use it all the time to create a seperate /home partition so if I decide to change distros, I can keep all the stuff I have there. Help With Partitions

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I didn't get what you have said can you just say me a bit clear (I am a newbie) or suggest me some links which might be useful :) – Tummala Dhanvi Aug 25 '14 at 11:14

Just visit the link Scott has given, it has good explanation for a newbie, just read that article.

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