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How to monitor bytes received/sent in a network session in Ubuntu ?
I'm very new to ubuntu, so dont give links which requires to compile files or so...

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Yeah... we're at 2011 there's little stuff that actually needs to be compiled..., now you can use a gnome-applet to achieve that, or a screenlet (widget). – Uri Herrera Jul 2 '11 at 10:20
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open system-monitor. got to Resources tab. here you can see network, processor, memory uses status. install the following applet witch show status on gnome-panel

install: first cd to folder after extract file

sudo make
sudo make install
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To do this from Unity you can use the system monitor as in the following:

  1. Press Super (the Windows key).
  2. Type monitor and press System monitor.
  3. In the system monitor go to the tab Resources.
  4. At the bottom you'll find a graph and numbers on recieved and sent bytes.
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