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I installed Ubuntu 11.04, now when ever i try to play mp3 or any such files it searchs for codecs.
Is there any pack which bundles all the required codec for famous formats [mp3, mpg, wmv, flv, ...] ?

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Yes, look it up on the Ubuntu Software Center, just type mp3. – Uri Herrera Jul 2 '11 at 10:09
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To do this from Unity you can use the software center as in the following:

  1. Press Super (the Windows key).
  2. Type software center and press Ubuntu Software Center.
  3. In the search dialog of Ubuntu Software Center type ubuntu-restricted-extras
  4. This should show you the package containing the codecs. Mark it and press install.
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it installted properly but still it search for mp3 plugin – Sourav Jul 3 '11 at 3:25
@Sourav When does it search for mp3 plugin? – N.N. Jul 3 '11 at 17:34
when ever i try top open an MP3 file with the default player. – Sourav Jul 4 '11 at 3:09
@Sourav Do you mean Banshee? What happens if you try another player? – N.N. Jul 4 '11 at 8:47

You can install "ugly" GStreamer plugin from Software Center or issue the following command:

sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly
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Package 'gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly' has no installation candidate – Sourav Jul 3 '11 at 3:25

Just click this link. It will automatically install codecs.

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