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I have problems with the drivers for nvidia 7600 gt . I have tried many guides but always the system crashes after some hour . I don't know which is the proper driver for this card . i use ubuntu 11.04 ...

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With this command did't find drivers

sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-185

At the and of installing 185 drivers failed :(

I have installed / unistalled almost all the nvidia drivers i have found on net . The system is stamble only when i don't have nvidia drivers . When i have screen freezes and make rr . The main problem is without drivers firefox flash plugin crash .

Also i can't install ubuntu 11.04 32 bit . I tried more than 30 times and the system fails . Only ubuntu 11.04 64 bit have success . I have intel duo 6400

Anyway thanks for the reply :)

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Better to follow this apps's instruction


run this in terminal, this apps will suggest perfect driver for your card

If it does not show any then try to install nvidia-glx-185

sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-185
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