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I've had a problem installing the lo-menubar package (Unity integration for LibreOffice menubar). it seems that lo-menubar package has assumed 3.3.3 as default version of LibreOffice.

But whenever I delete the libreoffice package and make a clean install of the 3.4 package, I can't find any icon of this version.

In the terminal, running libreoffice3.4 gives this message: "Command not found", but on Synaptic I can see that Libreoffice 3.4 is fully installed.

Could you please give me a help on this?

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See the Global menu support section here:

or download lo-menubar as a LibreOffice extension from here:

and just double-click it to install.

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Change last step: 'and just double-click it to install.' to right-click and choose 'Open with LibreOffice' (if you have done this before) OR 'Open with Other Application' and choose LibreOffice. – david6 Dec 14 '11 at 23:54

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