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After reading this article from Instructables I wanted to try it out in Ubuntu. Luckily QSSTV is available but I'm having problems getting it to work properly.

When pressing the green light (to receive data) I get this error:

enter image description here

After going to Options > Configure > Interfaces I discovered that it's attempting to use /dev/dsp which doesn't appear to exist.

enter image description here

In my /dev folder there are no files that reference sound devices and I've tried all of the devices in /dev/snd but unfortunately none of them work.

Is there a specific audio device that I should be linking to?

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In January 2012 QSSTV received an update (including an updated interface) that fixed the sound problem. It can be downloaded from here

enter image description here

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The latest QSSTV version 7.1 (pictured above) is available for install in Ubuntu 12.10. It is also available for previous Ubuntu releases, via the "Ubuntu Hams Updates" PPA: – Kamal Oct 4 '12 at 19:34

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