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While I can more or less create directories and such in folders like usr and bin ("root directories" right) through terminal comfortably (I say more or less because I set the password through wubi and changed it later into Ubuntu itself so I got some conflicting passwords) I'd really like to be able to do the same graphically, like in Windows, just right-click ==> Create a new folder. How do I give myself permission to do that?

Also, a more general question about Linux, sorta newbish but I'm on a time limit for various reasons, so I'll just ask here: so far I installed java, it was a tar.gz file, so I put it into /usr/, extracted it through terminal with:

tar xzf eclipse.tar.gz 

(again, for some reason doing that right clicking ==> Extract here gives me a permission denied error), then browsed the folder and used sudo apt-get install once it asked me. Is it generally how to install stuff on Ubuntu? The only other thing I installed was Eclipse and I just needed to double click the executable.

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