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My ubuntu pc is setup to auto login, so since I never have to type my password, I've forgotten it.

Now, normally I'd just reset it, but I used that password for another online service, and I want to login on that service again but I don't know the password.

Is there any way to see my password? I'm logged in the admin account, it auto logins.



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I'm pretty sure Ubuntu doesn't store password in plain text.. But I mean, I could be completely wrong. – Cody Aug 14 '14 at 23:17
You can reset password but not view it. – enedil Aug 15 '14 at 0:05

The actual passwords are not stored, you can only find their hashes in /etc/shadow.

There is no easy way to recover passwords, your best try is to use a software like John the Ripper to crack your password, but if you used a strong password, cracking it might take a very, very long time.

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for another online service, and I want to login on that service again

The only option in retrieving your password would be to use the password recovery for that on-line service. I have yet to see one that does not offer one.

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