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Ok... So I trying to dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit and Windows 8.1 Asus OEM on my laptop, and it DOES have UEFI BIOS. So, in accordance with the instructions, I disabled Fast Startup, SecureBoot, but I do not believe Legacy Boot is an option in my BIOS (I will double check with Asus support). So after I did that, I used UNETBOOTIN to burn a 14.04 64 bit ISO image onto an 8 GB Flash Drive via the USB 3 port (have also tried USB 2.0). I go into Advanced Startup options from in windows and choose boot a device, but the only option there is "ubuntu" from my previous failed installation (which I later removed). The USB does not appear in that menu, nor in BIOS in the Boot Order Menu (only the ubuntu entry again), and I am not sure what to do. My old laptop also does not boot off USB anymore, so must I go with VirtualBox? Thank you all!

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Don't use unetbootin. I've seen many reports of similar problems when people try to use it. Instead, if you've got an existing Linux (or OS X) installation, use dd to copy the image to the USB drive, as in:

sudo dd if=imagefile.iso of=/dev/sdc

This example assumes that /dev/sdc is your USB flash drive; change that detail appropriately, along with the filename for the image file.

There are dd ports to Windows; or you could use Rufus, which seems to do a better job at creating EFI-bootable images.

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