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As I mentioned in previous questions I am setting up a computer lab for a charity that deals with orphans in Tanzania Africa. One thing that would be very helpful are eBook/PDF guides for Ubuntu software. Keep in mind some of the kids have never used a computer, so what is basic for us is foreign for them. We will be running: LibreOffice, Inkscape, Gimp, Gnucash, Audacity, Scribus, VLC, Blender, Pidgin, ClamAV, VirtualBox, Wine, Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, 7zip, OpenShot Video Editor. Please let me know about any guides about using Ubuntu itself or other software you feel would be helpful. Brendon

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Yes I did check out that other question, good guides to Ubuntu itself but none of the applications. Many of the kids can read English. – Brendon Jun 29 '11 at 9:44

Your best bet will be the

Note though that it deals with 10.10, not 11.04. There's also a version of the book for 10.04. But: it's absolutely excellent, and on the perfect level for your purposes.

If it matters for you: the book, unfortunately, is not available in Swahili.

See also:

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