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I guess my case is desesperate and i don't know where to start so If there is some expert this is the big problem.

1- When pc start i got The system is running in low graphics mode.

2- Then any options selected after work ( run in low graph mode, reconfigure graphics, troubleshoot the error, exit to console login)

3- the only action "working" is exit to console login and in this case black screen, impossible to write anything.

4- I can press power button and then reboot of the computer.

boot cd of 12.10 not taking into account when reloading ...

I really don't know where to start and how to proceed

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Now i have disconnected the hard drive i have created a bootable usb. Ubuntu boot but each time i reconnect the hdd same sentence " running in low graphic mode" and nothing possible. Is there a way to make the pc boot on the usb and after format hdd and reinstal ubuntu on it ?

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