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Hi i need to run juju charm-store in my local machine.i clone this one( and try to run the server.but it failed.i want to install juju-server and build environment for maintain juju-charms locally.I want simple guide for doing this.First of all i want to know is this possible.In simply i want to run juju charm-store server and then developers can deploy their charms to our charm-store.

Thanks Sajith

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Currently, it's not possible for the juju client to use a different URL for the charm store. It's hardcoded to use "". If you want to change that, you have to change the value in a forked version of the juju/charm package and rebuild Juju from source.

Then, if you read the (available rendered here -, you can see the steps needed to clone the charmstore locally, import charms from launchpad, and then run the server.

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Thanks for your help. – Sajithv Oct 12 '14 at 17:52

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