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I upgraded a Dell Inspiron E1505 from 10.04 to Natty (11.04) two days ago. I wanted to change properties in my Unity toolbar but when I opened gconf-editor > desktop I found that there was no unity-2d folder.

What IS under gconf-editor < desktop is gnome, ibus and pgp. What do I do now?

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As you can see in my screenshot, I did not find a unity-2d folder in my gconf either: !missing folder I tried your suggestion but still the same. – user21890 Jul 19 '11 at 20:21

Make sure you have Unity 2D installed. You can check by running:

dpkg -l | grep "ii" | sed -e 's/^ii\ \ //g' -e 's/\ .*$//g'

If you have Unity 3D installed, it will return unity only. If you have Unity 2D installed, it will return unity-2d. If you have both installed, it will return both.

If unity-2d is installed and it still doesn't show up in gconf-editor, try running:

gconftool-2 --shutdown

and then log out and log back in.

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