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I'd like to send a personalized eMail to all members of a given contact-list in Thunderbird.

For example I'd like to write

Dear [[[Title]]] [[[LastName]]],

Which is then (depneding on the current contact) converted into:

Dear Prof. Hugenhauer,
Dear Mr. Smith,

Is there a way (e.g. a plugin) that allows personalized mails?

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Mail merge is what you need.

About this Add-on

Mail Merge: If you want to send a mail to multiple recipients, there are three common problems: First you can't personalize the mail. Second you can't send a mail to more than 25, 100, ... recipients at once. Third the recipients should not see the other recipients.

Mail Merge solves these problems by creating one single mail for each recipient from a draft!

You can take the data from a .csv file or address book.

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