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Is there any difference between QtCurve and Oxygen GTK+ theme for running GTK applications in KDE? Is Oxygen GTK better for me to use since I'm using the Oxygen theme anyway?

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The QTCurve theme does not try and mimic the default look and feel of KDE in any way. It is a theme that gives your GTK-based application a QT-styled appearance, but it will make your GTK-based application stand out and look different to your KDE applications.

The Oxygen theme will make applications both look and feel similar whether they are QT-/KDE- or GTK-based, and the oxygen developer go through much effort of making sure the oxygen gtk theme makes GTK-based applications not just "look" like QT/KDE applications, but also have the same "feel".

For more information on the effort put into the oxygen gtk theme, you can have a look here: and here:

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Another difference is that QtCurve does not work on GTK3 applications, while Oxygen-gtk does. – NullNoname Aug 19 '14 at 12:48

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