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I have a nagging problem with Ubuntu 14.04 and playing of DVD's.

After installing 14.04 I came to the conclusion that I can not play any DVD's on Ubuntu 14.04. DVD's cannot even be opened as they are not seen by Ubuntu.

The data I have until now:

  • In the install of 13.10 this was no problem, so this excludes a hardware problem
  • It's on 2 installs on 2 different computers.
  • It concerns a Ubuntu and Lubuntu install
  • The different libdvd libraries are installed:
    • libdvdread4 : version 4.2.1-2ubuntu1
    • libdvdnav4 : version 4.2.1-3
    • libdvdcss2 : version 1.2.13-0
    • ubuntu-restricted-extras : version 60
    • acidrip : version 0.14-0.2ubuntu7
  • The dvd is found on /dev/sr0
  • eject /dev/sr0 does work like a charm
  • sudo mount /dev/sr0 /tmp/dvd makes DVD to in but doesn't mount
  • The dvd is found on /dev/sr0
  • lshw on cdrom gives the DVD player with the when there is a dvd in it!
  • playing a CD is no problem
  • ls -l /dev/sr0 gives : brw-rw----+ 1 root cdrom 11, 0 aug 9 20:20 /dev/sr0
    • I am in group cdrom
  • vlc doesn't work as doesn't acidrip for that matter or mplayer
  • changing regions doesn't work as the computer thinks there's no disc.
  • vlc doesn't have problems with encyption (region) but just can't open /dev/sr0
  • when using vlc as root it gives the same error, so it won't be a rights problem

vlc -vvv /dev/sr0 gives a lot and this: libdvdnav: Using dvdnav version 4.2.1 libdvdread: Could not open /dev/sr0 with libdvdcss. libdvdread: Can't open /dev/sr0 for reading libdvdnav: vm: failed to open/read the DVD [0x7f1d18000e78] dvdnav demux warning: cannot open DVD (/dev/sr0)

So now I am stuck with two installs of Ubuntu 14.04 which don't play any DVD's. Can somebody help and/or ask some questions which lead me to an answer?

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What does lsblk say when there is a disk in the device? udisks --mount /dev/sr0 / udisks --unmount /dev/sr0 / udisks --eject /dev/sr0 ? –  Hannu Aug 9 at 20:03
I installed udisks and behavior on my Lubuntu install is somewhat flaky. What I found further : inserting a data DVD poses no problem, booting ubuntu from USB gives no problem regarding vlc and play back. –  linuxpete Aug 10 at 12:15
lsblk gives sr0 11:0 1 8G 0 rom –  linuxpete Aug 10 at 12:15
udisks --mount /dev/sr0 gives a time-out and hogs the computer. –  linuxpete Aug 10 at 12:16

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