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So earlier tonight I set up Ubuntu One on a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10. In my "Ubuntu One" directory, I created symbolic links to /Documents /Pictures and /Music. Right now, there is VERY little in those directories but what IS there isn't syncing at all.

When I go to the Ubuntu One web interface, it tells me I'm using 0.00% of my storage space. When I try to view the files in the web interface, I am told 'Something has gone wrong' and I don't see anything.

Can anyone help? Even my Tomboy notes aren't syncing! And yes, I am connected and the software says 'Synchronisation Complete'

Thanks, Anthony

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Welcome to AU! Try these steps here and then edit your question with progress:… – Jorge Castro Jun 28 '11 at 9:06

Ubuntu One does not sync symlinks at all. The way to sync arbitrary folders is by going to the folder in nautilus and selecting Synchronize this folder from either the ribbon if it's visible,

“synchronize this folder” in the nautilus ribbon

or from the File › Ubuntu One menu if it's not,

“Synchronize this folder” in the nautilus “File” menu

or from the Ubuntu One submenu of the right-click menu in the parent directory,

enter image description here

or, from the command line, using u1sdtool --create-folder /path/to/folder.

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