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I use Ubuntu in Chinese language.

And a lot of programme on my Ubuntu have chinese name.

I can open it in Terminal. But I can not search them in Unity.

a busy cat

Because in Unity's dash, I can only input English, can not use input method. So can not input Chinese character.

I use Chinese as my mother language. And I use Chinese input method a lot.

Can someone help me to let me input Chinese character in Unity's dash?

I really like Ubuntu and want to use it more frequently.


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Have you looked at this bug? [dash] wrong search result of Unity in Chinese

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Unity doesn't support Chinese, but you can use Kupfer, which can launch programs with Chinese names.

  1. 你首先要安装kupfer (First you need to install kupfer)

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kupfer-team/ppa

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install kupfer

  2. 然后你需要打开kupfer. 你可以在Unity Dash里面找到 (Then, you need to open kupfer. You can find it in the Unity dash)

  3. 按照下面的图片来做 (Do the following steps):

Right click the tray icon

Select tab

Press super + space

按Windows key + Space (Hold down the windows key and press space)

click exit

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I think this is fixed in 12.04. Just use ibus for input method, use Ctrl+Space to change to Chinese, and enjoy!! I could not post images, but it works for me well. Sorry~

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