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What I am asking is doable but the thing is I forgot how to do it since the last time I did. I recently upgraded my Ram to 8Gb from 2Gb. I am using an

  • Asus Maximus Extreme

  • with an intel core 2 duo QX9650

  • and an nvidia vga (I dont remember which one)

  • and 2 1TB HDD set to RAID 0 ( I will be using 2 Identical spare HDDs for the new install, the 32 bit is still operational)

running Xubuntu 14.04 32 bit with no other OS on the Drives.

I remember using an alternate install (could have been 12.04) before gradually upgrading to 14.04

Their configuration is as follows

4 separate identical partitions for each HDD containing "/" , "/boot", "swap" and "/home" with sizes of 10 GB 500 MB 4 GB and what is left respectively.

Using the alternate install and later on boot repair (don't remember how), I created the 4 md devices with a Software RAID 0, for each pair of partitions

Since I am upgrading my RAM to 8Gb I would like to also upgrade to a 64 bit Xubutnu Install I have been trying day and night to recreate what I did last time with no results

During my First Attempt where I initialized all md devices (including the /boot) from the mini.iso, it could not install grub to (the md2 which was created)at all resulting in a Fatal Error.

In an other instance I did not create an md device for /boot and attempted to install grub only on one (disk) partition where I would attempt using mdadm after booting into linux, only to fail miserably as it would get stuck at "update-grub" and 66%.

I am currently retrying to install grub on one of the drives (at the same time creating the identical partition on the other drive with the hope that I will be able to reinstall grub after creating an md device ). This attempt has also failed, getting stuck at "update-grub", I thought that since i was not wiping clean the /boot partitions and just using quick format (only removing the address table) the installer would get confused as it would identify two /boot partitions, again with no luck.

After my third attempt and getting tired of grub i was able to install LILO on only 1 partition without using Raid ) on it, but it takes too long to boot. I would prefer to use Grub on a RAID 0. I am not sure what to do at this time, I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your time!!!

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