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I have been having this issue for a long period of time with different printers.

Always that I send something to print that has pictures and the size of the files are a round just a couple of megabytes the information that my printer receives is from a couple of hundreds of megabytes. So if I sent a picture of 2 megas, my printer try to print it areound 200 megas.

That makes me having troubles with the speed of the printing, in general almost all the stuff that I sent to print are printed, but after an excesive use of resources.

I don't know if it is the software that I use to print ( I tried different ones anyway ) , or the printer driver. I have been using different PCL drivers without any luck.

I am trying to move all my office computers to Ubuntu, but this issue in particular is making it a little bit complicated.

Anyone had an issue like this before ?

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