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I have a Ubuntu Server 11.04 firewall/gateway set up and I'm wondering how I can configure isc-dhcp-server to update bind9 to resolve hostnames in the network.

Here is my setup:

3 computers (example):

Computer 1's hostname: laptop

Computer 2's hostname: desktop

Computer 3's hostname: nas

Internal domain for all hosts:

Firewall/Gateway IP:

How can I set up the DHCP and DNS server so that, for example, will resolve correctly? Also, I've been using Webmin to set up other parts of the server, so is this possible to do with Webmin?

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Its not trivial at all. This old article, however, is still quite relevant.

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I didn't follow the guide completely, but it led me in the right direction. Thank you :) – Xiao-Long Chen Jul 2 '11 at 5:31

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