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I'm asking because I've looked but I'm still not sure and I don't want to chance it. I have two devices that can use proprietary drivers and the last time I used it on one of them it crashed the OS and I had to re-install.

So, the first device is my MSI R9 290 OC gamer edition, can I use the fglrx drivers by selecting it in the software & updates panel instead of using the x.org driver wrapper (as in is it supported yet)

I have a Broadcom wifi module, the last time I enabled this driver it screwed everything up (this was when I was trying linux mint though, not ubuntu) will it work as well. It says the driver is 802.11 linux STA wirless driver source from bcmwl-kernal-source in the software & updates panel.

The wireless module comes with the mother board, a mini-ITX MAXIMUS VI IMPACT.

I know I can find out myself and I have tried to check but like I said, I don't want to think I have the answer only to yet again permanently crash the OS, so I thought I'd better ask.

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