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When using a dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu. I see that there is a folder created with the name .Trash-1000 in the NTFS partitions.

Could someone explain to me :

  • What does this folder mean ?
  • For what it is used? Maybe Trash related?
  • Is it necessary to keep this folder ?
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For every mountpoint Ubuntu creates .Trash directory when a file is deleted.

The 1000 is the UID of the user that created the bin, so every user can have their own.

Is it necessary to keep this folder ?

I think it is your choice. It just a bin folder, If you need a bin folder for your mount HD you can keep it.

If you want Ubuntu prevent creating this directory:

  • Don't use the delete button only (Otherwise the .Trash-1000 folder will be created)

  • Press the key combination Shift+Delete together to delete, then Ubuntu won't create a .Trash-1000 folder.

Note for 12.04: Under 12.04 i noticed that .trash directory recreated even if you deleted with Shift+Delete

Note: If you delete this directory files and folders this way they are gone forever

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I see, Thanks :)! – Binarylife Jun 27 '11 at 14:07
you are welcome :) – Achu Jun 27 '11 at 14:11

It is like a Trash bin for the files you deleted. The 1000 is the user UID, so every user can get a different Trash bin folder.

This usually happens when youu delete a file from a NTFS partition and not shift and delete them. So if the folder is empty or you don't need those deleted files it's ok to delete it.

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