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I need to submit an extended function key (like F17 or F17 ) to a program that runs in the terminal (I use the default gnome-terminal but could use another if it works there).

Is there a way in Ubuntu 11.04 to generate those key hits? I'm searching for something like Shift+F7 to generate F17 (what I currently use in Reflection under Windows).

My keyboard is set to generic 105 keys PC with the US Qwerty layout.

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xmodmap may be the program to look into here, though it looks like it will take some fiddling. There is some discussion about using xmodmap to simulate a super/fn key and generate F13-20 keycodes here. You need to find they keycodes currently used for Shift-F7 using the technique in that link, then remap them in your ~/.Xmodmap file. So for example if your Shift-F7 keycode was 320 your ~/.Xmodmap would look like:

keycode 320 = F17
keycode 321 = F18

A couple of the comments here look pretty useful for this.

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Thanks for the answer, I'll take a look at it soon (i.e. not marking it as the accepted answer yet). – Emilien Aug 24 '11 at 11:35

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