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I just copied a repository of the previous Ubuntu version (13, saucy). It contains both i386 and amd64 versions of the packages. I want to use this repository on a 64 bit PC. Is there a terminal command I can use to remove all of the i386 versions?

Edit: I am assuming that all packages have a amd64 version. Otherwise, if a package only has an i386 version, I want to retain it.

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A two-stage method would be to create a script which, given a path to a package, checks for the existence of an amd64 version and if it finds such a version, deletes the i386 package.

Something like:

#! /bin/bash

for i
    if [[ -f $PKG ]]
        rm $1

saved as, for example. And then:

find ${REPOSITORY_ROOT} -iname '*i386.deb' -exec ./ {} +

The whole thing can perhaps be done using a single find command, but this should be enough.

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